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The Ultimate Speed and Agility Training Tool

Agility: The power to move direction and change your body's position quickly and effectively while being under control. This is the true essence of being an athlete. Athletes are able to react to ever changing situations with controlled explosive movements. But how do you train athletes to respond quickly to a changing situation and still be in control? The answer to that question is with the Agility Chaser.

The Agility Chaser is the fastest and most versatile tool on the market to train athletes to control their body's reaction to a changing situation. The Agility Chaser is a software program that allows you to create reactive drills that simulate actual sport specific movements. This software allows you to customize the movements sequence and speed along with the sets and repetitions of each exercise. Once the software is uploaded you can now train athletes to increase their reaction time and improve their agility.

The versatility and portability of the Agility Chaser allows you to train athletes virtually anywhere on the court, on the field, in the weight room, even at home. Coaches and trainers can now train their teams and individual athletes with ease. The Agility Chaser has pre-set programs that are ready for use as well as programming capability that allows you to create drills, programs, and testing protocols for any level of athlete. Heart rates will soar, muscles will burn, reactions will quicken, and agility will improve. Sport-specific programming allows the trainer to simulate just about any sport: football, basketball, volleyball, soccer baseball and softball, wrestling. The list goes on and on. The Agility Chaser is a difference maker in the competitive world of athletics. If you are looking for that competitive edge contact us and we will make it so the competition is chasing you.

All that you need to get started:

  • Agility Chaser software
  • PC or laptop with Windows 7 or Vista
  • Flat screen tv with vga or hdmi cable
  • 15x10 sq ft area with cones, discs, or sportcourt tile


Speed and Agility